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Acrylic Nebula Artwork 'Celestial Landscape' Abstract Outer Space Wall Art - HD Reverse-Print Hubble Photo Decor, Glossy Plexiglas Artwork
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Gallery Price: $260

Title: “Celestial Landscape”
Size: 48"W x 19"H x 1/2"D Overall
Style: Acrylic Nebula Artwork / Abstract Outer Space Wall Art / Hubble Photo Decor / Plexiglas Artwork / Space Exploration
Colors: Blue, White, Black, Pink, Brown, Earth Tones (literally!)
Detail: HD (high definition) reverse-print on thick acrylic/plexiglas panel with hand-polished edges. UV cured acrylic inks. Rare, true-flatbed application for ultimate image clarity.
Mounting: I attach brackets to the back that hang easily on nails, screws or hooks and allow the artwork to "float" slightly off the wall, enhancing the artwork's depth and dimension.

This is an absolutely stunning image of a glowing nebula outlined by ultraviolet radiation and stellar winds from several hot, young stars (but not the Hollywood kind!) This is my favorite Hubble image to date in terms of a wall art application - I just love the balance of colors and how the scene lends itself perfectly to a horizontal landscape format, with a dash of abstract flair. I have very slightly, artistically enhanced the original image to make it even more suitable as a true piece of art on your wall, to be enjoyed by star-gazers and contemporary decorators alike.

Photo Credit: STScI / NASA / Hubble Telescope

Additional Information

Dimensions: 48" width x 19" height x 1" depth

Weight: 5

Materials: Acrylic, Acrylic, Other Materials, Ink

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Purple, Red, White

$260.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 206994

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