Alejandro Cabeza Alejandro Cabeza
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Product description: Alejandro cabeza self portrait with cane
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Alejandro Cabeza

Fine Art Prints by Alejandro Cabeza

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  • Dimensions: 73" width x100" height x" depth
  • Colors: Black

Artwork Description: Alejandro cabeza self portrait with cane

Alejandro Cabeza suddenly grown an impressionist painting that is totally different from the styles, fashions and what you get in the beginning of XXI century. It is a creator of strong character with his nature and understanding the creative act is the opposite of the general taste. has a personal language that does not match this with the ways and fashions of the turn of the century and has a world unequivocal obsessions. Surprisingly long can maintain almost constantly mesmerized the audience, which accepts joyful vision of landscapes, portraits and compositions of more