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Aurora Silhouette
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This strongly patterned marble creates a great contrast to the muted colored alabaster. I had the figure lean back to create an emotional impact that went with the color. It is part of the silhouette series where I combine a flat side of the face with a more fully developed sculpted body. two stones are joined to create the unusual effect.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 9" width x 14" height x 6" depth

Weight: 35

Colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow

$3000.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 205935

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Jaskevich Sculptor

A reviewer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution once said, “Jaskevich is a carver of dreams in alabaster”. Jane’s mythical figures borrow elements from ancient cultures. She transforms big and bulky stones into curvy, smooth and ethereal figures. Some of her larger pieces are created by combining multiple stones. Her work can more

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