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Kirby Hicks, metal artist, and Cathy, glass artist, teamed up and created a series named Suitcase Full of Surprises. They are inspired by some of life's journeys. Belize is a glass piece filled with cobalt, turquoise, spring green, dicroics and is heavy on dramatic texture. It is mounted on silver aluminum which is then mounted on a "slab" of cobalt aluminum. Handmade metal hooks are welded on the back for easy wall mounting.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 24" width x 26" height x 1.25" depth

Weight: 10 lb

Materials: Metal, Glass

Colors: Blue, Green

$700.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208914

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cathy shepherd

My intention is to create art that is a synthesis of my feelings as I connect with our environment and with human nature. Those detailed ingredients inspire my use of materials and techniques. Arousing an emotion of peace and joy is my primary goal with each glass canvas. more

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