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Big Butt, Aztec Woman Painting
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Title: Big Butt, Aztec
Style: Aztec, featuring geometric shapes and lines
Medium: Watercolor Color: neutral Earth-toned Hues

Original Watercolor by Dineen Roeller of an Aztec woman playing a musical interment, the woman is nude painted in all neutral earth-tones with accents of burgundies, blues and greens. This Aztec Style features geometric shapes and lines adding visual interest with emphasis on the woman’s bottom half in a playful manner, the artist uses light and shadows for contrast and added depth to the over all painted subject. Measures in size 18” x 24” on paper, comes unframed. Signed and sold by the artist, signature is signed in graphite pencil in the bottom L/ R hand corner and was apart of the artist’s personal collections.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 18" width x 24" height x " depth

Materials: Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Other Materials, Textile, Stone

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

$250.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 206204

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Dineen Roeller

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Dineen, is a self educated freelance artist and muralist. Born in Lorain, Ohio, Dineen spent her adolescents living abroad including St. Croix, The Hawaiian Islands and California. Daughter of a master craftsman and her mother, a metaphysical spiritual healer; Dineen displayed a passion for the arts and was greatly encouraged throughout more

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