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This Lovely mola depicts beautiful group of 6 birds, colourful,perfect cuts,even lines,fine stitching, well made,fabulous, in perfect condition. Add a mola or molita to all your quilting and craft projects, endless opportunity to express yourself... Perfect square panel... Quality: Superb Quality Size: 16" x 13" Number of Layers: 3+ Layers of fabric: black,white, orange and deep red plus other inserts. Background Color: deep red Technique: Reverse Applique Stitching: handstitched Artist: Kuna Indians of San Blas Panama Condition: Museum quality, no holes, no tears, no dust or stain. Beautiful stitching and details. Full of vibrant colors!!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 16" width x 13" height x " depth

Weight: 3.40

Materials: Textile, Textile

Colors: Red, White

$350.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 201325

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Mola Art and Craft

Our beautiful mola fabrics are infused with vibrant colors, embroidery and cultural-traditional motifs, every mola we collect is authentic and one of a kind, they are like no other textiles in the world. Handmade by the Kuna Artists using the traditional technique of reverse applique, our molas are original works more

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