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Blissful Serenity 2
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You cannot help but feel a sense of peacefulness when you view this painting. It is a delight to view. The painting continues over the sides so it may be hung onto the wall without a frame. The painting has been varnished with gloss and is strung at the back to be hung on the wall. The artist has signed in the bottom corner of the canvas and will be providing a certificate of authenticity. The painting will be carefully packed into a custom made box and dispatched to be delivered within 2 working days by a tracked courier.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 30" width x 20" height x 1.50" depth

Weight: 3 lbss

Materials: Canvas

Colors: Brown, White, Yellow

$160.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208800

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Aisha Haider

I am a self taught artist and have loved to paint and draw from a very early age. I love the colours of nature and like to make them vibrant and intense to celebrate colour. I also like to explore the beauty of reflections. My art celebrated colour more

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