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Blood Soaked Skies
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Blood Soaked Skies is a triptych that addresses the political and socio-economical climate in Kingston Jamaica. Amid the beautiful landscape and pleasant citizens, there lies a country in tatters from neglect and mismanagement.
Rust beneath the glitter.
What will it take before basic needs for a stable country are addressed?

Part#1 Size 32"L x 22"H Part#2 22"Lx32"H Part#3 32"Lx22"H
# parts together - 86" L x 32" H

Additional Information

Dimensions: 86" width x 32" height x 0.75" depth

Weight: 0.5

Materials: Acrylic, Pencil, Stone, Canvas

Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White

$1450.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 201125

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Khalil Deane

For me there is no separation between LIFE and ART, the person and the artist. Without question, art is a representation of artistsí experiences and thoughts. My work is a translation/distortion of what i see, hear or experience. Or rather what i see hear or experience is the distortion, and the work, the more

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