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Blue 3D Wall Hanging Tribal Mosaic Sun
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Every piece of art expresses something of the artist and translates in many ways to those who are moved by it.

The color Blue can represent peace, stability, calmness, tranquility, sincerity, and affection.

The face of the Sun is proud and confident. Representing wisdom and integrity.

The style of this collection of suns has been developed over years of trial and error projects. The Indian and African artistic styles have had a significant influence on the designs. Though there is much history infused in every piece there is also a modern, fine art quality added by the details that can tie these projects into any environment.

This multilayered sun consists of over 55 individual pieces!

After each of these pieces are hand sketched, cut, sanded, and finished separately they are layered together and reinforced with wood glue and screws to create a beautiful and sturdy piece of art.

Wood grain on each layer is used to accentuate features in the art and give every piece a unique, one-of-a-kind quality. Much time is spent examining exactly where each piece should be sketched and cut from a sheet of wood. The final product displays the strategic wood grain patterns in organic symmetry and elevates the piece to the level of fine art.

- The back layer is cut from 1/4" birch and stained with a medium brown woodstain. The woodgrain shows through very subtly on this layer which provides the base and hanging mechanism for the entire piece.
- The second layer of 14 sun rays and round base for the features consists of 1" pine wood stained with a deep blue.
- Layered on these are 14 more inner sun rays cut from 1/4" birch and lightly stained to let the medium brown grain of the wood provide most of the color.
- The features of the face are individually cut and sanded from 1/4" birch with great detail. The back layer of features is stained a medium red and the top most layer is stained natural to provide a contrast the blends well with the rest of the piece.

Each layer is cut from the same section of wood with the same wood grain pattern showing through. Because of this the wood grain patterns follow consistently throughout the entire piece even though they are cut individually. This additional painstaking process adds amazing aesthetics to the end result.

Every piece is finished with multiple layers of polyurethane for polish and protection.**

The dimensions of the project are as follows:

31" Height
32.5" Width
2.5" Depth (protrusion from wall)
estimated weight is 30-40 lbs

The project is based on a 33" diameter circle. 7 of the sun rays are slightly offset from the other 7 for design purposes which explains the Height and Width discrepancy.

The project has a "D ring" in the back for hanging purposes and vinyl/felt bubbles at contact points to protect the wall.

The back of the project is hand signed and dated by the artist upon completion.

This piece is 100% completed and ready to ship.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 32.5" width x 31" height x 2.5" depth

Weight: 25lbs

Materials: Wood, Other Materials, Wood, Wood, Beads

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow

$1250.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 203765

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I've always found my calm in working raw materials into something complete, detailed, and beautiful. I grew up in an environment where creativity was always cultivated and encouraged to flourish. My art has evolved from a series of inspirations and skills learned along the course of my life. I am constantly more

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