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Bonsai Chipped and Etched Mirror
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Distinctly oriental in style, Bonsai is deeply chippped, sand-carved and silvered on the reverse side of 1/4" clear mirror with polished edges. Mounted "on-frame" on a 1 X 4 cherry stained, solid clear pine framework.

About the Art:

Beginning with a single piece of glass, the designs you see are chipped into the glass on the reverse side. The chipped areas are then silvered with variations in the chemical composition to produce varied reflective qualities. Additional color highlights may also be added.

The Process:

Once a design is chosen, a mask is hand-cut exposing the areas to be chipped. Those areas are first sandblasted to roughen the surface.

Next, a protein solution is heated to a critical temperature and quickly applied to the glass. As the water evaporates from the solution, the protein strands contract, the force of the contractions so great that glass is actually pulled away from itself, although at times a little encouragement with a hammer and chisel is needed.

The pattern of the chipped areas is determined by:

1. the concentration of the protein solution
2. the depth of the applied solution
3. the rate at which the solution is dehydrated
4. luck!

Because of all these variables, no chipped design can ever be exactly duplicated.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 38" width x 38" height x 2" depth

Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials, Precious Metal, Metal, Other Materials

$1560.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202544

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Departing from the usual presentation of mirrors as strictly functional, whose sole "artistic" features are commonly restricted to the frames that surround them, the collections you'll see here incorporate artistic elements within the mirror itself. I refer to my mirrors as "mirrals" - a combination of mirror and mural. The collection more

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