Bonsai-sunrise Bonsai-sunrise
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Product description: Sunrise over the mountain.
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Paintings by elizabeth zaikowski

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  • Dimensions: 22" width x28" height x1" depth
  • Weight: 5 pds
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow

Artwork Description: Sunrise over the mountain.

Elizabeth Zaikowski has created a unique collection of art. Portraying themes originating in the spiritual character of the mandala and the world of magical fantasy and illusion. Mandalas, being symbolic of the universe and its eternal character, provide the symmetry and balance one sees in much of her work. Communication, connection and participation with natures cosmic world order are inherent themes. Elizabeth, originally from Berkeley, now lives in Southern California. Immersion in art throughout her life has helped her quest for enlightenment and creativity. As a graduate of San Diego State University, more