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Brown Ceramic Candle Holder
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This spectacular ceramic candle holder has unusual shape and very intricate decor depicting stylised man and woman holding each other. It will create an elegant focal point on a table, shelf or console. This candle holder was specifically designed to accommodate large candlestick. This item is not only a decorative object but also a piece of artwork, created with meticulous care and love. It exists only in one copy and you will not be able to find something similar anywhere else. Wonderful present for those, who appreciates modern art. This candle holder was thrown on a wheel, hand decorated using mixed techniques and covered with metallic glaze. After firing in the kiln under temperature of 980 degrees it acquired very interesting, uneven shape. The product is signed by the author.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 13" width x 8.6" height x " depth

Weight: 4

Materials: Clay, Other Materials

Colors: Brown

$500.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202874

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