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Buddha- The Enlightened One
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BUDDHA- The Enlightened One- This is a unique art, my original creation. A 100% handcrafted high textured acrylic painting on canvas.Completed to highest level of professional excellence.I am already selling my original paintings, prints and custom made portraits in International market.
Original painting and prints in different sizes are available for sale.To be aythenticated by certificate of authenticity.
Shipment and delivery- To be shipped in roll form by repute courier.Internation shipping by repute courier.
Artist Mrs Neeraj Parswal- India

Additional Information

Dimensions: 25" width x 28" height x .25" depth

Weight: 1.5

Materials: Acrylic, Canvas

Colors: Green, Orange, Pink

$670.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208258

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Mrs Neeraj Parswal

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Art, Innovation and creativity are essential for human progress. I am an artist from India , creating different types of original painting and selling my original paintings, prints and custom made portraits ( Family, group and individual portraits)in International market. All of my paintings are original, 100% handcrafted and are inspired by more

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