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Butterfly Wounaan Indian Basket Panama
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Superb on design, colors, silk stitch, museum quality... The Wounaan indian women's who live in the Darien Rainforest of Panama has been weaving baskets for sale, they are consider to be the finest baskets in the world. The baskets are made using Nahuala and Chunga palm leaves with plants and earth dyes. These Elegant and decorative baskets are Museum Quality. We have a great collection of basket with designs in geometric, black and white and pictorial. We have them in all sizes from 1" up to 20" This particular basket is 6 1/4" height, around the body 25", at the top end of the basket 15 1/2", colors are very light cream, brown, olive green, burgundy, mustard, and black, all the colors blend together, item is better than actual picture, decorate your office or home. Look at the beautiful butterfly design on this basket, it is gorgeous!!! I will be listing more of these baskets. I have a great selection, each basket is very unique in design, colors and the work is superb. Each basket has also a beautiful design on the bottom, if you are interested and want to see more pictures please e-mail me Income earned from the sale of this lovely basket reduces the need to destroy the rain forest for agriculture. The artist is a wounaan Indian and her name is Maria Sinforiano.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 25" width x 6.25" height x 15.5" depth

Weight: 1pound

Materials: Other Materials, Textile, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Green

$750.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 197744

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