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Cape Cod Light House Abstract-Original Acrylic Painting
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This is an original acrylic painting on canvas of a lighthouse and two boats beached at the waters edge. This lively acrylic painting has bright colors and measures approx. 12 x 16 inches. Easily frame able if you prefer, or ready to hang as is. Would look great in any room of your house, apartment or cottage.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 12" width x 16" height x .75" depth

Weight: 1.5

Materials: Acrylic, Canvas, Pastel

Colors: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

$550.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 52486

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mike quon fine art

I was surrounded by art at an early age since my father was an animator on Walt Disney animated films such as Fantasia, so my environment was filled with magic markers, pastels, watercolor paints and more. As a master painter, he was a big influence on me. I remember drawing from more

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