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Capriccio IV abstract painting on handmade paper
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Acrylic on handmade watercolor papers, some of which are grey or buff. Techniques such as dry brush, washes, splatters, and others make for an intricate and pleasing surface in harmonious colors. All are about 31x23 with deckle edges.
These look great matted to show them floated on a harmonizing color back board around the deckle edges, and with a simple narrow frame.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 23" width x 32" height x " depth

Weight: 5

Materials: Other Materials, Acrylic, Acrylic

Colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

$500.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 52603

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Rosemarie Bloch

I am fascinated by the grid that humans impose on the natural world. I feel that the grid is my way of trying to control the 24/7 chaos of the world we live in. The grid developed after the improvisational pieces shown here. I always have a reference to my feelings more

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