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Cheetah Savanna | Contemporary Metal Animal Silhouette Art
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Our ‘Cheetah Savanna’ is one of several African wildlife themed contemporary metal giclée prints. In an effort to capture the difficult terrain and rustic essence of the animal’s natural habitat in a contemporary light, we have taken an artistically enhanced photograph of the African savanna and framed it in the silhouette of a swiftly running cheetah. The surface of the artwork features a crisp, clean finish with a lightly textured shift between a semi-gloss eggshell on the white backdrop and a satin matte finish on the black and grey acrylic inks.

However rare it may be to see this gorgeous cat in the wild, we can all appreciate the long and slender figure, iconic fast sprint, and graceful stretch of the animal. With rugged Acacia Trees and shrubs and the towering mountain range barely visible through the cheetah’s silhouette, this modern landscape artwork is a subtle reminder of the global efforts needed to keep our cheetahs in their natural habitat and let Mother Nature flourish. A modern alternative to traditional taxidermy…

Artistic Details
Artist: Adam Schwoeppe
Title: Cheetah Savanna
Size: Large | 48W x 19H x 1D (inches)
Colors: Black, White Grey
Medium: Giclée on metal
Style: Modern Cheetah Art / Minimalist Cheetah Print / Abstract Cheetah Painting / Contemporary African Landscape
Process: Manually prepped and embellished metal panel with in-house giclee print application, assembled by hand in our art studio.
Detail: HD (high definition) giclée on metal. UV cured acrylic inks. Rare, true-flatbed application for ultimate image clarity.
Finish: Semi-Gloss, Satin-Matte Dual Finish
Mounting: Metal brackets on back hang easily from nails, screws, hooks or z-bars and allow the panel to float slightly off the wall, giving the artwork an attractive element of depth.

100% Made in USA (Cincinnati, OH) | We Ship Worldwide | Contact Us for Customizations

Additional Information

Dimensions: 48" width x 19" height x .5" depth

Weight: 7 lbs

Materials: Metal

Colors: Black, Gray, White

$260.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208054

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