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Chicken Stock
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A chick, sunny side up egg and 3-dimensional canvas covered eggs come together in this painting to reveal and obscure the formulation of it's subjects.

A look at how a painting metaphorically evolves and an object is created. An unconventional use of the canvas as part of the painting beyond its traditional use as a surface.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 36" width x 18" height x " depth

Weight: 6

Materials: Oil, Canvas

Colors: White, Yellow

$1200.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 52577

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Efrat Baler

I am mid-career artist who has decided that it's time to try and stop working at part time jobs to make a living and to try and paint, exhibit and sell instead or at least try! In my art works I combine painting, text and three-dimensional objects on the front and more

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