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Circle Box 2013 in Amber
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This is a stained glass box, inspired by Dogwood blossoms in my own yard. I wanted to contemporize the flower, to give this box more interest to a broader class of clients, who would not normally think of flowers in their decorating goals..... rnI used a singular piece of Spectrum Glass Company's 'Wispy Amber/White Opal' as the background glass and Bullseye Glass Company's 'Amber and Green Lusters' for the circles. A small band of Oceana Glass 'Amber Ripple' wraps the bottom of the box, complimenting the other glasses and providing a ground for the stylized foliage. The soldering has also been emphasized/sculpted. Since the box will be generally surface lit, this gives a beautiful 3D effect, further enhanced by the 'meshing' of the glass pieces along the opening seam of the box. A mirror and the bottom of the box, provides an additional illusion of depth and a wonderful reflection of the exterior surfaces of the box.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 9.5" width x 3" height x 6.5" depth

Weight: 3 lbs

Materials: Glass, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Brown, Green, Yellow

$800.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 204115

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Gmichael Molnar

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I have been working primarily with stained and leaded glass since 1980. more

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