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Circles Art 'Conduction Composition' - Contemporary Artwork - Single-Panel Pure Metal Wall Art Giclee - Monochrome Modern Silver Décor
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"Gallery Price: $260

Artist: Nicholas Yust
Title: “Conduction Composition”
Size: 48""W x 19""H x 1""D Overall
Style: Circles Art / Contemporary Artwork / Metal Wall Art / Circle Pattern Art / Monochrome Art / Modern Silver Decor
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Silver
Detail: HD (high definition) matte-finished giclée on metal. UV cured acrylic inks. Rare, true-flatbed application for ultimate image clarity.
Mounting: I attach brackets to the back that hang easily on nails, screws or hooks and allow the artwork to ""float"" slightly off the wall, giving the artwork an attractive element of depth.

Placement & Care: Suitable for indoor/outdoor use, clean with soft/clean cotton cloth, warm water & mild hand soap
Green Process: We use up to 70% post-consumer recycled aluminum, minimize waste, and do not use or dump harmful chemicals.

Simple and commanding, ‘Conduction Composition’ is a classically beautiful masterpiece that will work perfectly as the centerpiece in your art collection. It’s minimalistic charm gives you the freedom to accent it with other metal wall sculptures, while it also possesses a bold essence which gives it the ability to stand alone. The pure metal design of this special work of art brings life and personality to any room.

Layers of swirling circular images mimic the movement made by pebbles as they hit the still waters of a puddle or pond. The soothing and hypnotic motion reminds us that even the smallest of our actions can have an effect that goes on forever . Whether we act in kindness, or strike out in fear, the choices that we make can touch even the lives of those with whom we have never come into direct contact. Although the concept is often forgotten, this gorgeous piece serves as a gentle, daily reminder.

This is considered a fine metal art giclée. The artist creates a grind pattern on a metal panel, photographs it in high-definition, manually preps and embellishes another metal panel, transfers the image with an ultra high-resolution in-house giclee application, and then finishes and assembles the artwork by hand. This is all done in our modern art studio in Cincinnati, Ohio."

Additional Information

Dimensions: 48" width x 19" height x 1" depth

Weight: 8

Materials: Metal, Other Materials, Acrylic

Colors: Gray

$260.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 207130

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