Coffe cup Coffe cup
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Product description: 40X60cm, Oil painting in pop art style
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$550.00 USD

Coffe cup

Paintings by Kiyan

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  • Dimensions: 60" width x40" height x2.5" depth
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  • Materials: Oil, Other Materials, Ink, Fine Art Print

Artwork Description: 40X60cm, Oil painting in pop art style

Let us think together.What is of the great interest? Is that the fact from my biography? No,it is not! I will ask you to have a look at my works.Please,get your opinion and judge on me accordingly what you will see and feel.And if you like or dislike my art it will be not because of my biography,including good education and rewards.So,let us think out of frames!Let us be free! Feel and see together with me!... read more