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"Critics and Four Pears" is an oil painting on linen. It measures 40"x36". It is a new addition to my recent series of paintings that explore personalities of the figures depicted often not so obvious even to themselves. Gallery priced at 4320.00, I am offering it here for 2880.00 including shipping and handling in USA. For further information and additional shipping charges outside of USA, please contact me at

Additional Information

Dimensions: 36" width x 40" height x " depth

Weight: 10lbs.

Materials: Oil, Other Materials, Stone, Other Materials, Other Materials, Stone

Colors: Black, Yellow

$2880.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208727

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george brinner

As a painter, (also as a novelist), I consider myself a magical realist. Among the earliest and most important influences on my art were Loren Dunlap and especially his innovative two dimensional design program at John Herron Art Institute. A scholarship at Tulane University's Newcomb College followed two years working with more

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