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Cruisin' on Hwy 65
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This is an acrylic on a gallery-wrapped canvas. My husband, son and I head towards Palm Springs each Christmas to get some rays as we live in the Seattle area. On this trip we drove as I procrastinated in getting low airline tickets, and as we drove through this particular area, it had rained earlier, the clouds were still in the sky, and it was around 5-6 pm. The colors of yellow and gold were breathtaking.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 48" width x 30" height x 2" depth

Weight: 5

Materials: Canvas, Acrylic

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Clay, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

$850.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 209363

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Shirley Rudolf

It is crucial for artists to be aware of their surroundings as beauty is everywhere, and it is the artist's responsibility to bring that beauty to the attention of others. Visual arts expand knowledge, compassion, and appreciation to all. It has been the last fourteen years that I have been able more

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