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Double Nine Stone Quilt Block Box
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After attending a quilt show I went into the workshop inspired to create a quilt block out of stone. This Double Nine quilt block out of alabaster stone surrounded by raspberry alabaster in lid is the highlight of the natural color raspberry, green & amber alabaster box. 62 pieces of stone were used to create this piece. The interior of the box is the same segmented Bubinga wood as the rim of the lid. The box is both functional and beautiful.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 6" width x 3.5" height x " depth

Weight: 5

Materials: Other Materials, Stone, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Brown, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow

$1436.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 197727

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Ron Cooper Stone & Wood Craftsman

I use various colors of natural American Alabaster stone to create bowls & treasure boxes. Many of my pieces have a wood interior, base or finial for accent. In some bowls & boxes, I use multiple colors of alabaster segmented together creating interesting patterns in the design. Each is a more

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