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Dragonfly at Sunrise
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16x12" on 1.5 inch deep beveled canvas. Made with handmade Japanese paper. No paint is used. This technique was brought to Japan from China in the 6th century and is called "Chigirie". It is sealed with clear acrylic for protection.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 12" width x 16" height x 15" depth

Weight: 6

Materials: Canvas, Other Materials, Acrylic

Colors: Brown, Orange, Pink, Yellow

$175.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 198738

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Painting With Paper

I never realized that when I went to Japan for one year to teach English as a second language, that it would wind up being 7 years, and I would return home with a new passion of painting with paper What's that?  It involves taking handmade Japanese paper and tearing and more

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