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Dusk at Diamond village with abstract figures oil painting landscape
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This is a landscape inspired by travels in south America displaying a dusk scente in a village with modern abstractionist figurines in action. The size is 36"x26"

Additional Information

Dimensions: 26" width x 36" height x 2" depth

Weight: 2lb

Materials: Canvas, Oil

Subject: Cityscape, Cultural, Floral, Landscape, Musical, Nature, Places, Sports

Style: Abstract, Architectural, Cubism, Decorative, Illustration, Impressionism, Modern, Other Styles, Realism, Rustic, Surrealism, Urban

$439.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 205861

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Patricia and Paul's Atalier

Paul has art and design background, while Patricia is a jeweler and also a accomplished designer. more

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