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My bald eagle pictures are painted on wood plaques. The plaques are cut from a basswood tree. The wood is prepared for painting by sanding ,sealing and priming. Artists quality acrylic paint is used for the painting. Driftwood is added to compliment the picture. I find the driftwood in far northern Canadian lakes with tea colored water called stained lakes. The tea coloration of the water is from tannin in the pine trees. Tannin is a good preservative and the wood will never disintegrate. The final painting is sealed with a varnish and can be cleaned with a damp water cloth.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 12" width x 15" height x .625" depth

Weight: 3

Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials, Acrylic, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Clay, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, White

$170.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 208039

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My background is 35 years as a "street artist". These are the artists that exhibit under a canopy at art and craft festivals. I exhibit at shows with as little as 500 attendees to shows with 1/2 million attendees. I exhibit bird and wildlife paintings. Eventually I developed an interest in more

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