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Erect 1 Original black and white Pen & ink drawing
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This massive architecturally inspired pen & ink drawing took me just over a month to complete. It is the first of the Erect series (a series based on the idea of de/reconstruction and creating constructs on paper that are not necessarily feasible in physical space). It was literally a meditation on patience. The attention to detail is a level of attentiveness and deliberation, I rarely take in my expressionistic style of work.

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Dimensions: 60" width x 36" height x " depth

Materials: Other Materials, Textile, Ink, Ink

Colors: Black, White

$2499.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 203025

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Melissa Matthews

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My work is a direct reflection of reconciling two realities- an American who isnít so American and a Trinidadian that isnít so Trinidadian. Studies in challenging, dissecting, and re-imagining dichotomies of the human condition and experience, my practice examines these issues through a variety of media most particularly, drawing, painting, installation more

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