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Erect 3 Mixed Media Original Drawing
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This large abstract original architecturally inspired drawing would invigorate any space. It's the 3rd piece in my (MAM) Erect series and the first to feature color. The attention to detail and innovative use of material add a level of excitement to this work that makes it a showstopper. This work took me just shy of an entire month to complete much like its predecessors Erect 1 & 2.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 60" width x 36" height x " depth

Materials: Other Materials, Textile, Ink, Ink, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, White

$2499.00 USD

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Melissa Matthews

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My work is a direct reflection of reconciling two realities- an American who isnít so American and a Trinidadian that isnít so Trinidadian. Studies in challenging, dissecting, and re-imagining dichotomies of the human condition and experience, my practice examines these issues through a variety of media most particularly, drawing, painting, installation more

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