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Flowers Against The Wall
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This image of a Golden toned yellow flowers against a dark wall with green iridescent leaves was created by hand coating paper with gold paint then printing using archival inks in a wide format printer. The hand coated paper makes each image unique and it has an iridescent quality that shimmers in the light. The images are limited to 75 in any size and you can contact the artist for sizes.Sizes are available up to 40x50. The images come in a tube and are ready to bring to your custom framer. For The best Quality use Archival materials for long lasting enjoyment.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 28" width x 22" height x .10" depth

Weight: 8lbs

Materials: Other Materials, Ink, Precious Metal, Metal

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Yellow

$525.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202542

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Jim Swallow

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After years of searching for a new approach to my photographic art, I discovered a technique by a watercolorist which would give my work a shimmering quality. Once I learned the proper combination of paper, paint and ink, I created The Golden Collection using images of trees and flowers with a more

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