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From Here to Eternity
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Title ~~~From here to Eternity

Medium~~~ Acrylic on Yupo paper

Size~~~ 14" x 11"

Various techniques have been used to get the desired effect. The circles in this painting have been done using a cone shaped shell we found on the beach on our recent holiday.
This painting can be framed and exhibited horizontally or vertically.

It will look beautiful in any frame! Fits into any standard sized 16x20 frame. Frame Not Included.

YUPO is a state-of-the-art synthetic material offering all the attributes of the highest quality papers with the added benefits of extraordinary durability. Since there are no trees required in the processing of Yupo the use of this innovative material further supports my interest in preservation and conservation of nature.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 14" width x 11" height x .2" depth

Weight: 10

Materials: Acrylic, Stone

Colors: Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow

$399.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 196517

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Manjiri Kanvinde

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