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Golden Door
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What lies behind this golden door? This is symbolic of opening new doors.rnThe golden energy brings new opportunities and prosperity to the light.rnWhat would you like to find when you open this door?rnEnhances the Metal element. Best placed in the North, NW or West.

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Dimensions: 17.6" width x 17.6" height x 1.4" depth

Materials: Acrylic, Stone, Canvas

$345.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 204556

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Energy Magic Art

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Create powerful change with symbolic artwork & transform your space! The paintings I am offering on here are comtemporary feng shui original artworks on canvas using acrylic paints. They enliven and activate subtle energies and create harmony. I have been selling giclee prints of these artworks for 8 years worldwide, and more

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