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Golden Wall Art 'Gold Essence' - 38x12 in. -Metal Artwork, Contemporary Decor - Modern Metal Painting
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Gold Essence is a dual-layered metal art design. The multilayer and multi-panel combinations create sculptural depth and intriguing shadowing, giving this contemporary wall decor an added element that is missing from typical flat wall art. The set-back, rear layer has a grind pattern texture applied to create an interesting framed backdrop. The raised front layers feature an energetic, wavy gold pattern with overlapping layers reaching vertically. The unique satin matte finish contrasts nicely against the silvery metal back panel on each of the three sections, creating a very urban/modern style that can be displayed in countless ways.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 38" width x 12" height x 3" depth

Weight: 8 lbs

Materials: Metal

Colors: Yellow

$129.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 199262

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