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Green Eyed Lady ( Florida panther) hand-woven tapestry
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This up-close-and-personal view is of a Florida Panther. This piece is mounted with a metal strip and velcro.Two screws or nails will firmly secure it to the wall. It is lined with linen fabric.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 35.5" width x 11.5" height x 1/2" depth

Weight: 1 lbs

Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, White, Yellow

$2000.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 40284

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Stewart Tapestries

Tapestry soothes the soul whether you are making the work or viewing it. It is painting with fibers, almost in the literal sense. Tapestry is basically a solitary endeavor as weavers today handle the entire process that a whole guild or village used to do. We design the image, select more

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