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Grill Cart, Cedar Tile Top
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Have you ever run out of room when you were grilling and just wished you had more room? Have you ever looked at the price of a Stainless Steel Grill Cart? MacMade Woodcrafts has designed a all-Cedar tile-top Grill Caddy for the casual or pro griller.

Since our Grill Caddy is made out of Cedar, it is weather resistant, and also bug resistant! When left outside to age Cedar can turn a beautiful silvery-gray. You can request to have your Grill Caddy painted, or finished if you desire.

Also makes a perfect gift for Dad!

Our tile-top Grill Caddy includes:

6" Wheels on Aluminum Axle
Condiment Tray
Your choice of Cedar Block Handle, Pine Dowel Handle, or Stainless Steel Handle (for $25.00 more).
Bottom Shelf
Your choice of tile, could be as pictured above or any way you so desire. (Coming soon, College Football tile-tops).
Hooks for Spatula's and other grilling accessories.

Standard build time is 1-2 Weeks without any additional requests (i.e. special tile layouts etc), home delivery available in Midwest USA, can also pick up from our location in Rock Island, IL..

(Items pictured but not available seperately: baking tin, baking mit, grill lighter, charcoal, tin foil, spices, or dog.)

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$400.00 USD

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