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Handcrafted Glazed Ceramic Vase Round
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Contemporary ceramic vase decorated in muted beige colour palette depicting stylised man and woman holding each other. Wonderful present for those who appreciates Modern Art. This item is unique and no second alike exists.

To make this item a custom carton form was created. The clay which was rolled out on a table similar to dough was then wrapped around this shape. After it was hand decorated using sgraffito technique and covered with glaze. It required 6 days to dry in a room temperature and finally it was sent to kiln for firing under the temperature of 980 degrees to make it durable and strong.
The product is signed by the author.
We use very safe wrapping with plenty of bubble wrap to make sure your item will arrive safely to you.
Care. This object is incredibly durable and strong. It can be washed in hot water using soap. To remove the dust we recommend you to use soft damp cloths.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 5.11" width x 15.7" height x " depth

Weight: 2

Materials: Clay

Colors: Brown

$400.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202878

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