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According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman is a monkey god. He is a noble hero and great devotee of Lord Rama of the Ramayana. As a Deity, he provides great courage to his followers and saves from evils and the bad effects of planets( Astrological). He is the greatest devotee of Rama and always chants Ram Ram Ram.............
He is also called Mahaveera (the great hero ) or Pavan-suta (son of air) or Bajarangbali. Situated on the top of temple saves the house keepers with all kind of fears and gives them strength and power.
The original painting is situated on the top of my temple and not for sale. Interested friends can give me order to make the painting of their choice and size.
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Additional Information

Dimensions: 16" width x 20" height x 1.50" depth

Materials: Oil, Acrylic, Canvas

Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, White, Yellow

$400.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 52521

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Harsh Malik

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Art for me is a journey of soul, in search of truth, bliss and beauty. Through the medium of colors and brush, my soul is meditating to attain the ultimate Truth. You can view my paintings for external beauty or the internal Truth. Choice is yours. Also find me!/hlmalik Please view my other more

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