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By using the special technique of Chine-colle in the printmaking process, I transferred my hand painted image to pieces of mulberry paper in 3 different colors that are bonded to a heavier paper. This process results in a highly decorative piece that can be displayed like a rich modern-day tapestry.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 22" width x 30" height x " depth

Weight: 1

Materials: Ink, Other Materials, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, Red, Yellow

$500.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 203623

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Shipping $20.00

Studio KSC

My art reflects my passion for vibrant color, strong graphic elements, pattern and texture. Strong influences in my work are Classicism, Impressionism, Aestheticism, the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Nabis of the 19th Century. I work in a variety of media including oil, ink, fabric, paper, pastels and watercolor and I more

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