Harris-Black House Harris-Black House
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Product description: Cross-shaped supports for a historic Cape Cod windmill
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Harris-Black House

Paintings by Leo McRee Landscapes

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  • Product ID#: 199150
  • Dimensions: 24" width x18" height x3/4" depth
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Acrylic
  • Colors: Brown, Gray, Green, White

Artwork Description: Cross-shaped supports for a historic Cape Cod windmill

EDUCATION: I received my formal art training at the Harris School of Advertising Art, where I completed 4 years of intensive fine art and graphic design instruction. COMMERCIAL ART CAREER: I spent the major part of my career as a commercial artist in New York City, working on staff for major book publishers as graphic designer, illustrator, and art director. My commercial work has appeared on covers, as well as the interiors of numerous publications. FINE ART CAREER: Even while employed as a commercial artist, I have been painting, exhibiting, and more