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Haunted Canvas - a true story
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There's a long story behind this painting which you probably wouldn't believe me even if I told you, therefore I'm just going to give you the short version instead. But before I do I would like to know exactly what you see when you look deep into the soul of this painting? But please keep in mind, this is not just another ordinary painting. This painting seems to have literally taken on a life all of it's own.

I'll tell you what I see when I look at this painting. I see not one, not two, not three but at least a dozen ghostly looking faces, figures and apparitions to include women and children. I merely pointed out three of them for you (as seen above).

Note: Neither the original painting or the original photograph of the painting have not been altered in anyway. I merely highlighted copies of the original so that you to could see exactly what is that I am seeing when I look into the painting.

Like I said before, there is way more to this story still but I am reserving it for the person who dares to buy this painting. I will give you a little hint however. I am both the owner and artist and all I intended to do was merely to paint it with spray paint attempting to give the canvas the appearance of a smokey, murky, foggy look because I was going to attach some plastic skulls and skeletons to it for Halloween, however somehow it took on a life all of it's own. I am the owner and artist of the painting, yet I did not consciously paint any type human figures, ghosts or apparitions this canvas, nor was it ever my intention to do so.

Note: yes the beautiful wooden frame does come with the painting.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 20" width x 16" height x " depth

Materials: Canvas, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Brown

$25000.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 203011

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Shades Of Hell

As you can see by my work, I am not just another typical artist. more

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