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Heat to Hue
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This is a one of a kind piece, with hammered Copper sculptures mounted permanently in a fabricated Steel shadowbox.
The red color can be done exclusively on copper, and is achieved using heat only, as opposed to using chemicals to create a reaction on the surface of the metal. It is a delicate and intensive process, but extremely rewarding. "Heat to Hue" is a special dedication to the wonderful variation that is possible to achieve with this technique.
Hangs completely flush against the wall. Installation is a simple cleat mechanism that attaches to any wall with 3-4 screws/wall anchors.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 14.5" width x 18.25" height x 6.75" depth

Weight: 25 lbs

Colors: Black, Orange, Red

$3510.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 39651

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OreAlive Metalwork and Sculptural Installations

All of my artwork is dedicated to creating a visual language out of my reverence for growth, change, and the wisdom of Nature's structures and forms. It is also a dedication to process, and to the development of an evolving relationship with materials and skills. One can never reach the end more

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