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Holiday decoration stocking Rudolph
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Rudolph with your nose so bright,
won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

"Rudolph" does live the spirit of Christmas.

The choice of fabrics and embellishments gives it its originality and richness. Made with a red satin fabric, the stocking "Rudolph" is enhanced by lace, trim, embroidery, sequins and gold beads to the foot and heel. A scalloped golden satin cuff is embellished with lace motifs and beads. The toe ends with a big red sparkling bell.

Made with care, "Rudolph" is a piece of high quality. The interior is fully lined and toe is stuffed to keep its shape. In addition, it is decorated on both sides, allowing you to suspend one side or the other as well as a place where you can see both sides.

Used all year round as decorative element in a room, it creates a magical atmosphere. Hang it alone or adorned with flowers, feathers or others accessories according to the decor or the season. This chic and elegant pixie stocking can be used as Christmas decoration and will enhance your holiday decor year after year.

Handmade decorative element, it is a unique piece of art from my collection of Elves stockings and its name "Rodolphe" is inscribed inside.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 14" width x 19" height x 3" depth

Weight: 5.8 oz

Materials: Textile, Textile, Textile, Textile, Beads, Other Materials

Colors: Red, White

$125.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 207574

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Christine Grenier

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The driving force behind my creations is the perpetual quest to craft new objects and give birth to original material elements. The need to touch and manipulate materials, play with colour, create and superpose textures, draw shapes and decorate through small details is the process that drives me and that more

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