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Hot Shades
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These whimsical, miniature structures make great gifts for you or anyone else that has a quirky side to decorating their home or office. Their small, unobtrusive size makes them easy to place just about anywhere, and their unique shapes and coloring are attractive and intriguing.

Joe Rohrman is typically known for his stoneware figurative sculptures, depicting a wide variety of everyday characters. These unusual little dwellings came about when the artist started playing with joining shapes of clay scraps left from creating his slab built people. He uses the shapes, as they happen, letting them dictate the forms of the small scale asymmetrical structures. He uses a variety of methods to create fun textures on the clay surfaces. Airbrushed and hand-applied underglazes are used to create the vivid colors, enhancing the textures and the fanciful aspects of the pieces. Unexpected items or objects are often added to create a theme or simply to surprise.

These are very small works, and can be displayed in many different ways. Some are designed to be mounted on a vertical surface; others can be hung from above; still others can sit just about anywhere you choose. A cord is supplied with those that hang, but you can easily replace it with one of any length required to fit your particular needs. Holes in the bottom or backs of others allow for nails or hooks for securing alternatives.

Rohrmanís style and clever approach to figurative sculpture, and now these unusual dwellings, make his work unique and recognizable. Heís an award-winning midwest artist who participates in regional and national juried exhibitions, shows in gallery exhibits, and whose work is included in private, corporate, and public collections across the U.S.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 6" width x 4" height x 2.5" depth

Weight: 1 lb

Materials: Clay

$31.25 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 199008

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Joe Rohrman

What I consider important is that my work is accessible and easily understood. My intent is to connect with the viewer and elicit a response that doesn't require serious contemplation or analysis. The most common reaction to my work, I've observed, is a smile, and more

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