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Impressionist Sky Plein Air Oil On Canvas Panel
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The darkness of winter is starting to lift revealing a transitionary sky; from winters flat heavy clouds, to the lighter wisps of spring. On one of our first warm days after a long winter I was eager to get outside for some fresh air and plein-air painting. This little 8x10" sky study in oil on canvas panel was the result.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 10" width x 8" height x .2" depth

Weight: .75

Materials: Oil, Canvas

Colors: Blue, Orange

$400.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 205877

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Roberta Murray

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Visual art, for me, is an escape giving me the freedom of discovery, play, learning, and experimentation. Iíve never been able to keep a journal or diary. Words fail, but the visual language sings with the emotions I canít otherwise express. I am not striving to capture reality in my images, more

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