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In To the Mystic
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Winter in Ogden Canyon is harsh with wonderful effects. This was taken in January and is not Photoshopped. The light and the fog were strange. The trees played hide and seek with each other as the fog lifted and came back in the mid morning sun comming over the rise. Various sizes, Fine art paper or Canvas wrap. January 2010

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Dimensions: 36" width x 24" height x 2" depth


Materials: Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Ink, Watercolor, Canvas

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Clay, Gray, Green, White, Yellow

$300.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 197971

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Kim Cook Photography

I have been a professional Photographer for the past 15 years. Shooting all over the country and specializing in Equestrain events. Stopping along the way to shoot a few other things. Recently having the wonderful experiance to work for the Air Force as a Hill AFB photographer in Ogden UT. I more

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