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Kahlil Gibran mounted art Print
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We offer you another design of this wonderful message about relationships by Kahlil Gibran as a mounted calligraphy art print. The original of this calligraphy print was written in Sumi (Japanese ink) on Vellum (animal skin) with the illustration in gouache. It is also printed on canvas which looks fabulous or framed on request. This message is a great wedding gift, anniversary gift, especially first wedding anniversary gift. We can also arrange an original of this artwork which would be different to the original of this work of art.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 12" width x 10" height x " depth

Materials: Ink, Ink

Colors: Black, Green, Orange

$49.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 205394

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Dave Wood Calligraphy

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As a Calligraphic Artist and creator of Artist's Books, I continue to enjoy my exploration of my myriad of ideas and design concepts. I enjoy working in my studio every day, whether creating a commission work of art or creating a new original artist's book of one of my favourite more

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