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Kelly Clarkson, Original Watercolor Painting
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Title: Kelly Clarkson
Style: Realism Portrait Medium: Watercolor & Mixed Medium Color: fair skin tone, tans, browns and blacks.

Was part of the artist’s personal collection, a sample of Custom Portraits available by the artist.

Original Watercolor Painting of Kelly Clarkson who was the first musical icon on American Idle.
Painted by, Dineen Roeller, a self taught artist. This portrait is painted in a realism style and was created using mixed methods of watercolor and mixed medium to achieve the end results on a quality hard stock paper. Colors used are manly fair skin tone, tans, browns and blacks, with emphasis of the eyes and facial features; where the artist bases her focal point and energy. This painting is highly detailed, the viewer is easily taken in by the artist’s captivating technique while identifying with the painted subject. Measuring 18” x 24” , the artwork comes unframed for shipping purposes. This artwork is signed and sold by the artist, the Signature is signed in graphite pencil in the bottom L/ R hand corner of the painting.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 18" width x 24" height x " depth

Materials: Watercolor, Mixed Media, Stone

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

$150.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 206206

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Dineen Roeller

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Dineen, is a self educated freelance artist and muralist. Born in Lorain, Ohio, Dineen spent her adolescents living abroad including St. Croix, The Hawaiian Islands and California. Daughter of a master craftsman and her mother, a metaphysical spiritual healer; Dineen displayed a passion for the arts and was greatly encouraged throughout more

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