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King of the Horses "Shadowfax"
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This relief sculpture by Jarrod Spicer captures the grace, power and beauty of the Horse! Jarrod's ability to manipulate everyday building materials into astounding works of art makes us realize that anything has the potential to become something extraordinary...

Bring this one of a kind horse sculpture into your home or business without taking up any floor space! Experience your art through sight and touch! Listen and you may be able to hear it's heart...

This piece is also available for lease. Mr. Spicer is also available for comissions.

Shadowfax Measures - 44 3/4"W X 42" H

Additional Information

Dimensions: 44" width x 42" height x 4.5" depth

Weight: 60

Colors: Blue, Brown, Green, White

$8125.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 199057

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Jarrod Spicer

A huge fan of the arts, I am constantly looking for ways to evolve personally through not just sight, but also touch and emotion. Sculpting has become a passion an ability to not only take notice of my favorite subjects, but to really interact with them. It also allows me more

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