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Large Estate Garden Globe Set of Two Antique Metal Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Decor
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USA by Bman: Orb and Sphere
Another limited supply of antique metal has found artistic purpose.

These huge solid steel bands have seen a lot of miles since the 1800s!
They would have ended up in a container shipped to China, melted down and probably sold back to America if I had not come along.

You too can preserve American history when displaying my old wagon wheels in a minimalist modern way.

Simply entertaining sculptures for space in need of style.
It's easy to roll them around in a position that works best for an illusion.

Just imagine how flood lights would look...awesome!

Two pieces shipped; Approx. 52" and 44" tall/350+lbs.
My guess, it will be around 350-400 to ship.
Overall size can be broken down but freight is only way to deliver.
Please ask for a delivery quote before placing order.

This is a Unique Style Accents by Bman Limited Edition.
Handmade and hand stamped identification.
Get them now before they all roll out the door!

The set pictured is SOLD.
Good news is I do have more material to make a few more sets.
Let me know, be awesome to do another set and will get right to it!

Check out more USA by Bman at;

Thanks for your interest!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 52" width x 52" height x 24" depth

Weight: 450

Materials: Metal

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

$595.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 204985

ADD TO CART Make an offer Shipping $450.00

USA by Bman

As an artisan and dreamer, I believe life is about creating happiness. In the picture you will see Guinness Book of World Records Tallest Married Couple just purchased one of my pieces. I did not need a ladder to remove this one! It warms my heart when someone smiles and picks out more

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LauraCan someone call me to discuss doing one for us?

BmanThanks for your interest! I have two sets available.
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