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Large Original Painting on Stretched Canvas by Stillman, Polka Dot, 21x36x1.5
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Title: "Polka Dot"
Artist: Jason Stillman
Medium: Oil & Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
(Gloss Varnished)
Size: 21"x 36"x 1.5"

This is an original painting in my Girl Series. A series I've only recently had a chance to return to, and to be honest, have been having a blast! Anyway I hope you enjoy the work, and please check back frequently as I plan to add new work regularly.

Thanks for visiting!
Jason Stillman

Additional Information

Dimensions: 21" width x 36" height x 1.5" depth

Weight: 5 lbs

Materials: Oil, Acrylic, Canvas, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

$695.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 202821

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Jason Stillman

Bio Jason Stillman received his BA and BS in Studio Art and Mechanical Engineering from ASU in 2002, and is currently a full time Artist living in Mesa AZ. He divides his time between painting and sculpting for gallery exhibition, private commission and public art projects. Jason has been represented by galleries more

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